Jewelry Styles For Valentine

Thanks to custom jewelry designing option that now you can do a lot to jewelry to add a personal touch to it. It really helps in adding a sense of meaning and a personalized message. There is a lot you can do to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day jewelry. This can start from birthstones studded couple jewelry and go up-to jewelry engraved with personal messages.

Birthstone studded couple jewelry:
The trend of birthstones has grown popular in past few years. How good it would be to get each of your individual stone studded in heart shaped pendent as an epitome of togetherness. In place of heart shaped pendants you can also go for contemporary geometrical patterns such as rectangular bricks or square designs. Rings are next best option to pendants to play with birthstone studded couple jewelry. You can either exchange rings with each others birthstone or could have both rings studded with two birthstones.

Engraved jewelry:
Jewelry engraved with personal message is also a good way to personalize the jewelry you are gifting to your partner. You can go for name initials, memorable dates or simply a message that you want to convey. If you want to go for message engraving then try and look for designs that can accommodate it.

Photo Jewelry:
Although photo jewelry is no new thing, the designs you choose for it is something innovative here. The locket patterns are out and tag patterns are in. silver, white gold and platinum are the new age metals being preferred more than yellow gold. To add a hint of exclusivity you can decorate your jewelry with gemstone accents. You can go with the very obvious diamonds or dip it in the color intense gems.