Jewelry Cleaning

Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Use a soft bristle toothbrush with mild soap and warm water to restore the shine and brilliance of silver jewelry. Avoid immersing your sterling silver jewelry into jewelry cleaning dips, they should be cleaned by hand. Use a soft cloth to buff your silver jewelry for a nice, clean shine.

Cleaning Your Diamond Rings & Jewelry

Use a solution of six parts water and one part ammonia. Use a soft bristle toothbrush or toothpick to remove any dirt or particles from any crevices. Rinse well in water and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Gold, Platinum and other Gemstone Jewelry

Use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid, like Ivory. Soak jewelry in this solution for a few minutes, then lightly brush away any dirt with a soft brush. Rinse with lukewarm water and air dry or buff with a soft cloth. Be sure not to soak any soft stones like turquoise, amber or lapis, as soaking can damage their polish. For particularly dirty gold jewelry, soak in alcohol or ammonia before cleaning.

Cleaning Pearls

A mild soap and water solution works well for cleaning pearls. Then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Costume Jewelry & Rhinestones

Use a soft brush to sweep away any dirt and dust. Use window cleaner, like Windex, sprayed on a soft, lint free cloth to clean the stones surface. Also try alcohol on a q-tip to get in between small spaces.

Ankle Bracelet

A Gift for the Bride

With the popularity of ankle bracelets on the rise, brides are not about to be left out of the growing trend. In fact, more and more brides are seen wearing ankle bracelets to complement their bridal jewelry or their dress while also accentuating their feet. Why should fingers and wrists have all the fun? Ankles are just as stylish and are great for adorning jewelry that will add an extra shimmer to your overall look.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” We all know this famous wedding tradition that is believed to give the bride good luck in her upcoming marriage. Keep this tradition of “something new” or “something blue” alive on your wedding day with a personalized ankle bracelet. You may also consider selecting a special piece that can be placed in your keepsake box and passed down to your daughter or daughter-in-law for their future wedding day as well.

An ankle bracelet will also make a great gift for the bride-to-be. Increasingly more grooms are giving their brides personalized ankle bracelets as a wedding gift on their special day. This unique gift is a sure way to express a shared love. What’s great about an ankle bracelet is that it is not only something for the bride to wear on her wedding day, but it is a piece of jewelry she can make apart of her daily ensemble – it is suitable for any occasion, from casual to formal. To add an extra touch of intimacy, consider personalizing an ankle bracelet with both his and her birthstones to represent the new union that is to be formed.

A Wedding on the Beach

If you’ve made the decision to begin your lives together as husband and wife on a romantic setting such as a beach, your wedding day attire will be an important detail. Wearing shoes on the sand is next to impossible, not to mention completely uncomfortable. What could be more perfect than the comfort of going barefoot and still having your feet sparkle with brilliance? A bridal ankle bracelet, decorated with diamonds or white pearls, is the perfect compliment to your wedding day attire. It will help complete your look as it draws attention to your feet without overly emphasizing them and can help create a nice balance when matched with a complementary bracelet, necklace, or ring. Be sure to put your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression on your special day.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry – Keep It Clean!

Sterling silver jewelry comes in an amazing variety of styles and textures over its 4,000 year history. Ever notice how your sterling silver jewelry sometimes just catches your eye and casts a spell on you? It’s not just your illusion. The hypnotic power of a sterling silver jewelry flows from its highly polished surface that reflects the light in a way like no other jewelry can. Another finish applied to sterling silver jewelry is rhodium that gives it a slightly darker finish. As you know, sterling silver jewelry tarnishes. Keep a soft cloth and silver polish and handy to keep your sterling silver jewelry shining bright.

Sterling Silver Jewelry – Why is it 92.5{6009cfd8ec485825977e1b3e99f879bbe1c6586702f3ef7187865087d89943cc} Silver?

The term “sterling silver jewelry” refers to jewelry cast from 92.5{6009cfd8ec485825977e1b3e99f879bbe1c6586702f3ef7187865087d89943cc} silver. This is because 100 {6009cfd8ec485825977e1b3e99f879bbe1c6586702f3ef7187865087d89943cc} pure sterling silver jewelry is a little soft and prone to bending and breaking. The 92.5{6009cfd8ec485825977e1b3e99f879bbe1c6586702f3ef7187865087d89943cc} silver content creates sterling silver jewelry that is both elegant and durable. Reproductions of sterling silver jewelry worn by kings and queens represent a romantic tie between people in love today and ancient history. Browse sterling silver jewelry online for exquisite and extraordinary ancient jewelry pieces that excites the soul.

Sterling Silver Jewelry- Buying Tips

When buying sterling silver jewelry on the internet, keep in mind most online stores are honest and care about your satisfaction. Most offer thirty day warranty on your sterling silver jewelry and will exchange it. Like many purchases, it pays to pay by credit card for your protection.

Monogram Jewelry

When selecting a piece of monogram jewelry, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various styles of monograms. One style may fit a person’s personality better than another style, so it is great to know options ahead of picking the piece. When picking out a piece that will be a gift, think about the personality of the gift recipient, and then try to match their characteristics up with a type of lettering that captures their essence.

Block lettering is the first style available in monogram jewelry. You might consider having initials made in this style, often befitting males. Block lettering is the default “male” style of monogramming, with its bold and strong classic look. This monogram typically appears in all capitals, which serves to further bolster the robust look.

Female Block monograms appear as First, Last, Middle where the initial for the last name sits in the center, and is larger than the flanking initials.

Cursive style monograms is often used for names, written text, and dates. Cursive appears as interlocking, so it appears continuous as cursive appears in writing. Cursive is a lovely choice for women who enjoy the feminine, delicate look. It also offers a compact way of presenting longer written text.

Greek lettering is popular with those who are associated with fraternities and sororities. Perhaps you’re proud of your affiliation with your college Greek organization, and want to display it. Perhaps you need the perfect gift for a friend who is in a Greek organization. This style of monogram initials is perfect.

Round letter is another popular style of monogram jewelry. The monogram appears as First, Last, Middle with the last initial being the largest in the center. The set of initials will be round, like a circle, with the flanking initials having rounded edges.

Interlocking script is another style of monogram, and is generally used for females. Script is ornate with flourish, so it definitely has a feminine look to it, more so than cursive. These monograms typically appear as First, Last, Middle, with the largest initial in the center.