Pick the Shape of Diamond

The round brilliant gives the most brilliance . Its facet and proportion have been perfected using science and mathematical analysis conducted by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Modified brilliants have the same facets and facet arrangement. The following are all modified brilliants: marquise, heart, oval and pear shape.

Step cut diamonds do not sparkle as much as the brilliant cut diamonds. However they highlight the clarity of the diamond. If there are any inclusions these will be visible. Example of a step cut diamond is the emerald shape.

The mixed cut is a combination of the brilliant and step cut. The step cut is applied on the crown while the brilliant cut is given to the pavilion. An example of this cut is the Princess cut.

Contrary to expectations, fancy cut diamonds are more affordable than the brilliant round cut diamond. This is because they are cut to maximize their weight. There is less cutting and waste for a princess cut. A rough diamond cut into a brilliant round may only yield half a carat compared to another 50{6009cfd8ec485825977e1b3e99f879bbe1c6586702f3ef7187865087d89943cc} more carat for fancy cut diamonds.

You also need to consider the shape of your hands. If you have short fingers or small hands wearing a marquise or oval shape diamond ring will wear your fingers look longer.

Pear shaped diamonds tend to be used for pendant and earrings.

If you are concerned about clarity and color then go for the brilliant round as it covers these flaws well with its brilliance. On the other hand inclusions and poorer coloration is most obvious in the emerald shape since its shape is the most uncluttered of all.Therefore, it is imperative to pick a higher quality emerald shape diamond if you are interested in this shape.

If you are a romantic at heart and want a diamond to symbolize your love to your spouse , consider getting a heart shape diamond. It is actually a pear shape with a cleft at the top.

Info of Bewitching Jewelry

Take pearls, for instance. In the olden days, if a maiden wanted a man to fall in love with her, she would put pearls ground into a fine powder into a glass of wine and somehow get him to drink it. A pretty costly way to catch a man, that method. Nowadays, wearing pearls is believed to enhance one’s inner character and bring about peace and serenity. Gold is another example of bewitching jewelry. Since time immemorial, it has captured the fascination of all people, and is one of the cornerstones of the science of alchemy. Gold is used to enhance the power of other gemstones, hence its popular use as a setting. It is also believed to attract wealth and influence, because the wearer is perceived to be strong and powerful.

Bewitching jewelry is not confined to fashionable purposes. The Indian warriors of old used to have swords that were adorned with garnets, secure in the belief that this would bring them luck in battle. Today, garnet jewelry presented as a gift signifies the giver’s feelings of eternal love and commitment. It can also be worn as a charm to increase sensuality and sexuality. Similarly, diamonds are said to aid in the release of sexual tension and to help the wearer enjoy a fantastic sex life. I wonder what that says about girls who treat diamonds as their best friend?

Sapphires are benevolent examples of bewitching jewelry. Aside from preserving friendships and promoting loyalty, they are also believed to protect the wearer from capture. Turquoise is likewise popular as a talisman because of its alleged property of changing colors when the wearer is in peril. Plus, it is used in amulets in many cultures because it is believed to be a bringer of luck.

There are many, many other beliefs regarding the use of gemstones as bewitching jewelry. They may be worn as talismans, charms, amulets or simply as fashion accessories. But for many people today, as in the ancient times, jewels are chosen not only for their beauty, but for the perceived benefits that they will bring to the wearer as well.

Fashion Jewelry Style Personality


Femininity oozes from your style. You are hopeless romantic who is in love with the past. You wish you were born in the Victorian era and fallen in love in that time period. Your jewelry box is full of girlie, pretty and delicate pieces. Floral motifs, butterflies, symbols of love like the heart are your favorite designs. You love wearing, looking at and surrounding yourself with pretty things. Romantic fashion jewelry personalities love pastels to create a soft and dreamy look.


You are the Queen Bee of the social circle, the party princess and the darling of all. Your fashion style is dictated by the latest trends in fashion magazines and celebrity styles. You cannot be seen wearing the same outfit among the same crowd twice; in short you are a true fashioniesta. You are willing to break your budget to get your hands on the latest trend in fashion jewelry. You are most likely to be under 40 and love to buy all things designer to flaunt “what’s in” among your subjects, because you are the princess.

Free Spirit

You march to the beat of your own drum. You find beauty in unique things and follow your heart to express your style. You create a trend which nobody else can wear except you. You have a penchant for all things natural which makes you feel close to nature. Bohemian style reflects your personality. You look gorgeous with just one unique jewelry piece. Your laid back style comes effortlessly to you. Floral designs and symbols like birds depict free spirit are your favorites in your in jewelry box. When you buy fashion jewelry it is important to you that the jewelry piece is unique and speaks to your heart. Often your jewelry pieces are not expensive but they reflect your free spirit personality.

Roman Glass Jewelry

Hoops and Diamond Stud Earrings

These timeless pieces of jewelry are available in different styles and designs. Hoops complement all types of outfits and styles. They are available in a variety of different styles such as the size of the hoops may be small, medium-sized or even large, they may be diamond or gem studded, or may be in silver, gold or platinum, in all the different styles it looks trendy and chic. Diamond stones look classy and can be ideal to wear for both daylight and nighttime functions. Just be careful to pick the ones that are neatly finished. Roman glass jewelry offers diamond studs with a clean finish and beautiful designs.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are available in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. This jewelry item can never lose its importance and value because it has sentimental value. It is always kept as a symbol and token of love and wedlock.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

These bracelets are available in a number of different styles and designs. They are worn over casual or dressy outfits. Women commonly wear them at night and even day time functions. It complements all types of outfits such as skirts, jeans, short dresses and long dresses.

Cross Pendants

These are never out of fashion. They are worn by women as well as by men. Even those men, who do not wear any trinkets and jewelries, love to wear cross pendants for the stylish look they offer. It is not only the symbol of faith but also a sign of fashion and style.